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Sony Reveals Four New Instant Game Collection Titles

John Kidman

Sony's recent debacle with Driveclub's unspecified delay and a set of mildly disappointing November releases received a notable amount of criticism over the last month. Playstation Plus managers usually keep a tight lip when it comes to the new titles being added to the Instant Game Collection, but the Playstation Blog exploded with a preview of Playstation 4 titles being added through 2015. The excitement for the December and January line-ups is understandable, but this announcement comes far in advance of Sony's normal routine.



A brief apology regarding the Driveclub delay is immediately followed by the announcement that Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition and Secret Ponchos will be headlining December. Injustice claims the spot as the first retail release to hit the Instant Game Collection for Playstation 4. Sony intends of bringing in the New Year with two new titles for January: Infamous First Light and The Swapper.


Do you think this early announcement will hold negative implications for the developers and publishers of these projects who hoping for Holiday sales?

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