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Sony Unveils New Playstation Network Promotion for October

John Kidman

October is shaping up to be a rather large month for the Playstation Network, offering tantalizing deals with Playstation Plus and launch day availability for several major third-party titles. Sony's Blog announced that purchasing $100 worth of content on the Playstation Network in October will net the buyer a $20 voucher in the month of November. The voucher will be sent via official e-mail tied to the account and XMB message.


This promotion will run store-wide which can include the purchase of NFL Sunday Ticket, Playstation Plus Subscriptions, Playstation Home, Movies and Day 1 Digital releases. Gamers who may have already pre-ordered Day 1 Digital titles need not worry because the Blog specifically mentions that those purchases will also count for this promotion.


All purchases must be made directly through the store, which means purchasing vouchers for subscriptions or digital titles will not qualify for the promotion as it stands. The promotion also lacks any sort of tracking, but visiting transaction history on Sony's official website will allow gamers to add up just how much they have spent over the course of the month.


Will this promotion entice you jump into Playstation Plus and launch day digital releases or is this threshold set too high?

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