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$9.99 PSN Flash Sale this Weekend

Steve Bitto

Sony is running another flash sale this weekend on the Playstation Network. This go around there are a number of Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita titles all for the low price of $9.99. Even included are "Ultimate Editions" of games like Bioshock 2 and Starhawk. The full list is shown below:

  • BioShock Infinite (PS3)
  • BioShock 2 Ultimate Edition (PS3)
  • DmC Devil May Cry (PS3)
  • Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires (PS3)
  • Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (PS Vita)
  • God of War Collection (PS3)
  • God of War Collection (PS Vita)
  • Lost Planet 3 (PS3)
  • Metro: Last Light (PS3)
  • MX vs ATV Alive Ultimate Edition (PS3)
  • PayDay 2 (PS3)
  • Persona 4 Arena Ultimate Edition (PS3)
  • Prototype 2 (PS3)
  • Resident Evil: Revelations (PS3)
  • Starhawk Ultimate Edition (PS3)
  • Street Fighter x Tekken (PS Vita)
  • Tales of Graces f (PS3)
  • The Sly Collection (PS3)
  • The Sly Collection (PS Vita)
  • Wonderbook: Walking With Dinosaurs (PS3)
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3)

Source: Playstation Blog


Which of these games are too good to pass up at this price?

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