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3rd Time's the Charm? Sony Lowers Sales Forecast for Vita/PSP Yet Again

Marcus Estrada

Sony has weathered a tough time over 2012. In their third quarter, Sony of Japan saw their games segment drop in sales by 15%. The worse sign was their operating income which dropped 83% from last year. Consoles weathered a decline although that is probably expected considering the PS3 is getting along in years. Overall, it was a pretty rough quarter as is evidenced by Sony's latest earnings report.


The Vita actually managed to aid Sony. Both Vita and PSP sales were up 0.3 million compared to where they had been. Despite additional system unit sales, the purchase of software declined across all Sony platforms. The Vita in particular saw software fall to 8.9 million when it had been 11.4 million prior.


With all this said, Sony has lowered its sales expectations for Vita. This is not the first time, or even the second, that this has happened. Their initial hope had been to sell 10 million in March which was a pretty brave number to start with. Thanks to the latest earnings report we now see that the number has been revised again down to 7 million. None of this spells doom for Sony though, considering the company overall saw a 6.9% increase in total revenue.

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