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A Whole New Generation of Chaos Comes to PSP In Early 2013

Jason Clement

PSP and JRPG fans rejoice! The PSP isn't finished by any means just yet, and NISA is seeing to it that it remains the de facto choice among gamers for their JRPGs with the announcement of a new Idea Factory/Sting strategy RPG called Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection.


The story stars two siblings - Yuri, a girl that has a disease draining her life away; and her older brother Claude, who will stop at nothing to find a cure in order to save her. In their journey to find a cure in the lifeless world called Hades, they'll become enveloped in a conflict that will decide their fate and that of the entire world.


As far as gameplay goes, the game features an active-time battle system where players can position their units in real time across sweeping battlefields, and you'll need to exploit terrain, occupy key locations on the map, set up ranged weaponry and more if you hope to be successful in your quest. And if that isn't enough, there will be multiple endings to the story as well.


Generation of Chaos: Pandora's Reflection will be coming to PSP via PSN in both North America and Europe in February 2013. Check out the trailer for the game below.


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