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Anarchy Reigns Demo Hits The Japanese Playstation Store Today


For all of you wondering about whether or not you'll like the highly anticipated SEGA brawler Anarachy Reigns, wonder no more! Starting today, Anarachy Reigns has a playable demo up on the Japanese Playstation Store! With four characters available (none of them Bayonetta) you should be able to get a good feel for both the fighting mode and the story mode.


To get the demo, sign into your Japanese PSN account (if you don't have one there are simple tutorials online), open up the store page and click the second option on the sidebar. You should see an advertisement for a game called Max Anarchy (that is the Japanese name). Click it and you're all set to go!


Also, in the options menu you can change subtitles, menu choices and even voices into English! So no need to just fight your way through the demo without knowing what is going on. Pretty awesome, huh?

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