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PlayStation's Andrew House to leave Sony at the end of 2017

Jason Clement

If you're a PlayStation fan and have kept tabs on the company's press conferences over the years, chances are you know who Andrew House is. He was the President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment since 2011, appearing at many of the different PlayStation conferences as its key speaker and announcing new titles and products.


Sony announced via press release today that House is effectively resigning as President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment immediately and that current deputy president John (Tsuyoshi) Kodera will be replacing him in the role. However, House will remain on as chairman until the end of the year, when he will then depart.


House was instrumental in turning around Sony's PlayStation brand after it was in sore straits when the PlayStation 3 initially didn't take off (sales-wise) and its competitor, the Xbox 360, soared passed it in sales early on. Since then, House oversaw the launch of the PlayStation 4, which has set sales records and has sold more than 60 million units to date since its release in late 2013.


"PlayStation has been a huge part of my life for more than 20 years but with the business having achieved record-breaking success, now seemed to be the right time for me to pursue new challenges," House mentioned in a statement.


John Kodera, the new CEO, has been with Sony since 1992 and has been involved with working on services for the PlayStation Network as well as overseeing the launch of PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Now, and PlayStation VR.


Source: Engadget


What are your thoughts on Andrew House leaving Sony?

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Just from hearing him speak at the various conferences, he came across as someone who was definitely more involved and hands-on with the Playstation brand and making sure it stayed successful and appealing. Hopefully his successor will keep that same kind of commitment. Though considering how fast I went from a 360 to a PS3 gamer I could probably do the opposite if the company does go to crap. xD

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Hm, this seems a bit oddly timed, in all honesty. Though, it might just be me being a conspiracy theorist with stuff like this. I just find it weird that with 2 months until the Play Station Experience that he'd suddenly resign. Not to mention the positive feedback the PS4 has been receiving in its entirety. Either way, I'm sad to see such a well spoken representative go, I wish him and Sony well in their future endeavors! 

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On 10/7/2017 at 9:18 AM, Royzoga said:

Hm, this seems a bit oddly timed, in all honesty.


They actually put it pretty well on the Kinda Funny Games Daily podcast when they mentioned that a lot of it had to do with the fact that he's pretty much done all he's can for PlayStation and that they're in a really good place right now, so it makes sense for him to leave on a great note while also giving him room to pursue other challenges. I doubt there's any office politics or shenanigans beneath it.

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