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Atelier Ayesha Announced for Release in Early March

Jason Clement

Fans of the Atelier series will be glad to know that the most recent entry, Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk, has been dated for release on PS3 on March 5 and will be published by Tecmo Koei (as localized by NISA).


The game's story focuses on Ayesha's Altugle, a girl who supports herself by making and selling medicine, and who has lived alone in a workshop ever since her grandfather died and her sister went missing years ago. Of course, this all changes one day when she discovers that her sister is still alive somewhere out in the world, and her journey to find her begins.


Atelier Ayesha features a brand new cast of characters; a new diary system that will allow players to keep a log of activities and gain more items, bonus stats, etc.; a new battle system that puts emphasis on character positioning and distance from enemies (including back attacks); new character skills; an updated synthesis system, and more.


Tecmo Koei also promises future DLC releases of new costumes, characters, additional areas, and more. You can check out screenshots of the game in the image gallery below.


Are you looking forward to Atelier Ayesha?



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