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Beyond: Two Souls Gets Release Date and Willem Dafoe

Marcus Estrada

When the PlayStation Blog was updated today it came with a batch of unexpected news. Considering Beyond: Two Souls was not discussed more more than a second in the recent PS conference, it seemed perhaps a game that would remain under wraps for a while longer. However, that now appears to not be the case at all as a release date as well as other information about the game was clarified.


First, it has been dated for October 8th launch on PS3. Alongside that, they are giving all GameStop pre-order copies DLC which adds thirty minutes to the overall experience. Quantic Dream did similar when they gave away a DLC prequel with Heavy Rain. Also, if you pre-order then you get immediately upgraded to the special edition. Of course with this type of "special edition" you aren't really getting much more. It comes with steelbook packaging, behind the scenes videos, soundtrack download, PS3 theme and avatar bundle.


One interesting feature of the game is that the lead character not only looks like Ellen Page but is acted by her. She's not the only star on the set though, as it has been revealed that Willem Dafoe is also taking part in Beyond: Two Souls. The two characters work together as they try to understand Jodie's psychic powers. Now to wonder if there are other famous names yet to be revealed or if this is it.



Do you like the idea of Hollywood actors playing game characters?

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