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Borderlands Free for Playstation Plus Members in September

Jason Clement

Borderlands 2 may be just a few weeks away from release, but for those of you who missed the first Borderlands, you'll be glad to know that it'll be free to download on Playstation Plus starting next week on September 4th!


There will also be a special sale for all of it's Add-Ons as well, which will be 50% off for two weeks. Or if you prefer, you can grab the Add-On bundle, which will also be 50% off.


Borderlands will be replacing The Walking Dead Episodes 1 and 2, so for anyone who's still interested in playing those two, be sure to download it before next Tuesday.


Also, other new Playstation Plus deals include the following:


On 8/28

  • Space Channel 5: Part 2 - PS+ price: $2.99 Reg Sale: $4.99
  • Spelunker HD - PS+ price: $5.00 Reg Sale: $9.99

On 9/4

  • Daytona USA - PS+ price: $2.99 Reg Sale: $4.99
  • Greed Corp - PS+ price: $2.50 Reg Sale: $4.99

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