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Brandish: The Dark Revenant Coming to PSP and Vita Next Week

Jason Clement

XSEED has announced that Nihon Falcom's dungeon-crawling, action RPG Brandish: The Dark Revenant is heading to PSP and PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Store next week.


A remake of the very first Brandish game, The Dark Revenant features a "world-turning" mechanic in which the dungeon walls rotate around the player (in third-person view) as they walk around corners and such. Players will assume the role of Ares Toraernos as he makes his way through 40 floors of monsters, traps, and puzzles; all on the heels of a bounty hunter named Dela Delon, who intends to claim the bounty on Ares' head.


In addition to recreated maps, puzzles, smoother gameplay, revamped boss battles, enhanced graphics, newly arranged music and more, The Dark Revenant also features additional content, where completing Ares' campaign unlocks an expert mode where you can play as Dela Delon and take on an additional 10 never-before-seen floors with tougher enemies, traps, and more.


Brandish: The Dark Revenant will be available for digital download for $19.99 on January 13 for the PSP and PS Vita in North America.



Source: Press Release


Are you interested in playing this Brandish remake?

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