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Casual Action Game Draw Slasher Coming to Vita

Marcus Estrada

If you're a consumer of iOS-based games then you may be aware of developer Mass Creation. This Polish team is certainly not as famous as others, but they have put out a series of touch-based hack 'n slash mobile titles over the years. Their series is finally venturing onto the Vita later this month.


Draw Slasher is a ninja game where the player must touch, draw, and pinch the screen to execute various gory moves. Producer Artur Gosk tries to assuage the fear that this is just a quick port from iOS to Vita with the following statement:


"It quickly became clear that the Vita version was too small, so we decided to extend it with new locations, enemies and bosses, doubling the amount of content compared to the original. Then there are new mini-games and modes adapted to the Vita. Along the way, we changed the mechanics. In some cases we turned it upside down. The game remained close to the original idea, but very different at the same time."


Of course, it remains to be seen how different and upgrade the game will be when it finally hits Vita. Regardless of your personal interest or disinterest in Draw Slasher, it is always a good thing to have a variety of games available which cater to many tastes.

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