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Dance Magic Almost Ready to Hit the Dance Floor

Marcus Estrada

In the current generation of dancing games, 360 owners have found themselves on the more populated side. Sure, Dance Dance Revolution has come out for both Microsoft and Sony's system, but 360 is the one that managed to grab the highly popular Dance Central series. With a scarcity of dance games on the PS3, it looks like Gaijin Entertainment is about to bring its dancing title to PSN.


The game is called Dance Magic and is focused around, well, dancing. There's some story about these dancers being heroes using the powers of dancing to save the world, but it all seems very silly. What is worth noting is that the game is touted as Move compatible. All of you Move owners may want to check the game out just for that reason. Otherwise, the game appears to have a more standard controller method for those without the peripheral.


A dance game tends to live or die off its music list. The soundtrack has yet to be announced, but there are 20 songs that come with the game. As is common of modern dance titles, more will be available for purchase later. Players will also be able to dance with a friend either locally or online. Dance Magic hits PSN just a few days from now on January 8th.


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