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Diablo 3 Will Include Offline Mode for PS4

Marcus Estrada

When Diablo 3 was finally nearing release, some fans were disappointed. It was not because of the game itself, but due to the choice Blizzard had made in regards to online. The game was set to use an always-on internet connection regardless of what mode players participated in. Single player required a connection to Blizzard just as online multiplayer did and that is how the game has remained since release.


The notion of always-on connectivity was due primarily to keeping the real money auction house safe from hacking. Today it was revealed during an interview with GameTrailers that not every mode of Diablo 3 will require internet when played on PS4. This comes as a shock to PC players, although it is not as if their entire stance has been changed.


This change comes only if you are playing via local multiplayer with friends. The feature, itself an exclusive, will hopefully see wide use for those who desire to recreate the feeling of a LAN party. When Diablo 3 launches for PS4 it will also come with all the latest game updates.

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