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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT fights its way to PS4 early next year

Jason Clement

It's been quite a while since we last had a game in the Final Fantasy spin-off series known as Dissidia -- the last was 2011's Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy on the PSP -- but Square Enix is finally bringing the franchise back with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for PlayStation 4 on January 30, 2018.


NT will mark the first console release for the series and will feature fast-paced 3-on-3 battles with Final Fantasy's most iconic characters, including Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy), Cecil (Final Fantasy IV), Cloud (Final Fantasy VII), and Tidus (Final Fantasy X) among others.


To get a feel for the gameplay, check out the tutorial video below.



Also announced were multiple special editions of the game, as detailed below.


Steelbook Brawler Edition - $59.99


Comes with a steelbook featuring 1 of 3 different designs which feature various heroes from the game.


Digital Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition - $59.99 and $89.99, respectively


The Digital Edition gives you access to a mini-soundtrack with a selection of five songs from the game plus the 'Nameless Warrior' character skin for the Warrior of Light.

Additionally, the Digital Deluxe Edition gives you all that plus the Season Pass.


Ultimate Collector's Edition - $189.99 (exclusive to the Square Enix Online Store)


If you have close to $200 to shell out, the Ultimate Collector's Edition has a plethora of stuff for you, including:

  • Warrior of Light bust figure (8.25â€� tall)
  • Official soundtrack with 15 tracks selected from the DISSIDIA series and newly recorded music
  • 80-page hardback artbook
  • Season Pass that gives access to six new playable characters and content post launch
  • Steelbook case unique to this edition
  • Collector's Box featuring legendary FINAL FANTASY characters




In any case, expect to hear much more about Dissidia Final Fantasy NT as its release draws closer on PS4 early next year.

Source: Press Release


Are you interested in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT?

Edited by Jason Clement

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Well, I guess early next year is better than this week considering Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming out. That and DragonBall Fighters Z would blow it out of the water, sadly. I sure hope it's been improved on from like, the E3 builds, I haven't seen much on it then. The steelbooks are really nice and is really the only way I'd get it physically, but even then, I think I'll be waiting for a price drop on this one! 

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