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Dragon Fantasy's Second Book to Open on Sony Consoles Next Year

John Kidman

Do you ever wonder what happens to a hero years after their retirement? Dragon Fantasy for iOS and PC brought us the tale of Ogden, a hero who may have lost the limelight but has managed to gain some girth, in charge of saving Westeria from evil. This retro-styled game by Muteki Corporation brought us an entertaining 8-bit adventure.


The official Playstation Blog announced today that a sequel titled Dragon Fantasy Book II will be available for Sony consoles next year. Although a specific date has not been announced, the blog confirms that this title will be available via digital release for both the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. Unfortunately, the inclusion of the original Dragon Fantasy or availability on the Playstation Network has not been addressed.




Although exclusivity has also not been addressed, it is safe to assume that there will be an exclusivity window for this title for Sony due to the utilization of Sony's Pub Fund. Sony's Pub Fund assists developers by helping to match development costs in exchange for an exclusivity window.


The original goal for this this sequel was to follow in the original title's footsteps and offer a gradual acceleration through the 16-bit era by adding features throughout the individual chapters. Muteki Corporation decided to utilize Sony's Pub Fund in order to abandon that idea, simply making a title that focuses on features seen towards the end of the 16-bit era like fully animated attacks. Bryan Sawler, founder of the development company, also noted that Dragon Fantasy Book II will include a multiplayer mode.

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