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Dragon Quest Builders - More Info, First Trailer

Jonathan Higgins

Remember Dragon Quest Builders, the Minecraft-like “block-make RPG” spin on the Dragon Quest formula? The first footage of the game was shown at this morning“s Dragon Quest Event alongside the big Dragon Quest XI blowout.


The whole “block-make RPG” premise is pretty immediately apparent here. The entire world, post Dragonlord takeover, is made of blocks! You start out with a hammer to collect material, then eventually build up to bigger and better things. You“ll go from creating your own home (likely from the minimum required materials) to bigger and better versions of everything, to eventually entire villages. You can even make your own castles, in time! This game is very Minecraft-like, indeed. It seems to capture that game“s quintessential philosophy while providing a unique Dragon Quest spin on combat and story.


The combat is very action-based. You can swing your sword to take out slimes, and take cover from enemy magic and attacks by ducking behind blocks. That“s enough from me--have a look at the game“s first trailer below! The game is still confirmed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan. No localization has been confirmed yet.



Has this new footage piqued your interest? Are you excited for Minecraft-like Dragon Quest? Be sure to let us know!

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