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E3 2012: Hideo Kojima Confirms The Last Of Us Demo Wasn't Scripted


The other day we had an article up about Naughty Dog claiming the demo we saw showcasing The Last Of Us gameplay was not scripted. At the time it was listed as just a claim because you should never just outright believe what someone says when they're trying to sell you something.


But now we're starting to get actual confirmation from people not involved in the project that the demo can be played out in multiple ways, and that different things will happen depending on how you handle the situations presented to you. That confirmation comes from none other than Hideo Kojima, who unlike most of the world at the moment, actually got to see the E3 demo behind closed doors.


In his long tweet, he simply states "Naughty Dog showed me The Last Of Us. They presented route game play different from the conference. No skimping. Amazing! Got their T-shirt." In the coming days after E3, we'll hopefully get even more confirmations and stories from the other people who saw the game behind closed doors. You can view the Hideo tweet below.



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