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Exclusive Journey Collector's Edition Games May Become Less Exclusive with PSN Release

Marcus Estrada

If there's one thing game sites are good at, it is sifting through ratings and looking for new, unannounced content or ports. Siliconera was looking around at the PEGI ratings and found three interesting titles listed. Although the names will not ring a bell to everyone, they will for fans of developer Thatgamecompany.


The games discovered are Duke War, Kite Fight, and Grave Diggers. These are three minigames which were included exclusively with Journey: Collector's Edition, the retail release of their PSN games. Why are these on PEGI's site and not ESRB? Well, this physical copy actually never made it to Europe. Presumably this is a way for Thatgamecompany to cater to its fans who missed out on the disc.


It isn't known if these minigames will also come to the U.S., but it would certainly be nice. For now though, the only way to get your hands on the content is through the Collector's Edition.

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