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From Software Rumored To Be Working on Unannounced PS4 Title

Steve Bitto

From Software and Sony Japan Studio may be working on a project for the Playstation 4. Screenshots leaked on NeoGAF show a previously unannounced game tentatively titled Project Beast.


The screens are dark and somewhat blurry but display a cemetery and other Gothic settings. Outside of a beastly dog looking creature not much more can be seen in the photos. The individual who leaked the screenshots also mentioned shotgun wielding and "a huge pyromancy fireball".


More information on Project Beast is expected to come at Sony's E3 press conference, that is, if the rumors are true. It is also unclear if Kadokawa's recent acquisition of From Software could influence the future of the project.


Game Podunk will bring you the latest from the pre-E3 rumor mill over the next few weeks.


Could this be connected to Demon's Souls which is a Sony owned IP?


Source: NeoGAF

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