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Gamescom 2012: PlayStation Plus Introduces Red Dead Redemption as September's Game of the Month, Increasing Cloud Storage

Marshall Henderson

Who doesn't love cowboys? Red Dead Redemption's sales sure seem to indicate that people do, so Sony decided to set that as September's game of the month for Playstation Plus.


For just a small subscription membership, one of the most critically-beloved games ever will be free to play for the course of September.


But if those cumbersome saves are jacking up your PlayStation 3 hard drive, don't worry, because PlayStation Plus's Cloud Storage is increasing to 1 gigabyte.


Of course, that comes at a cost, but PlayStation Plus is basically the premium edition to Sony's online free-to-play service, so if you think it's worth the cost for a free game for a month and a gigabyte of cloud saves, hey, here's where ya go.

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