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GameStop to Stop Taking PS2 Trade-Ins This Summer

Marcus Estrada

Many may dislike GameStop, but it doesn't change the fact that the store is the leading name for video game trade-ins. After enough years, they cannot continue to support every system though, which is why the GameBoy Advance, Xbox, and GameCube have been phased out of the store in the past few years. Of that era, only PS2 continued to be available in some locations.


Coming June 1st, trade-ins will no longer be accepted for the system. Whether it's games, systems, or peripherals, you won't be able to go there to sell them. As a result, store locations are going to have their PS2 sections dwindle until nearly nothing is left. From there, minimal stock shall be shipped either to one central store location or back to a warehouse to be available online.


If you've shopped for PS2 games lately in GameStop then you were probably already aware of this change coming. Stores have lessened PS2 shelf space to a minimum, if they even have it. Those who want to sell their PS2 games should either hurry to GameStop to get a few pennies for them or look toward another option.

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