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Get a Free Draggle in Ni no Kuni Starting February 12th


Free DLC is always nice! Namco Bandai is offering just that for the recently released Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.


This free download is for a familiar to add to your team (monsters that fight for you in the game). The little guy is called a Draggle. It can learn Phantom Fangs Whirligig, and Hot Huff. And if you wish, you can metamorphose your Draggle into a Dragette, and then into a Dragamuffin or Bedraggle.


Unfortunately, it's not an extremely rare golden kind, like the other DLC familiars we've seen for Ni no Kuni!


You can download the fiery dude starting February 12th.


Have you been playing Ni no Kuni? Will you be downloading the free Draggle and adding it to your team?

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