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God of War Ascension Beta Opening up for PS Plus Early Next Year

Marcus Estrada

Sony has been working hard to make sure that their PS Plus subscription actually offers PlayStation fans something of value. They're not content to just offer access to Instant Game Collection titles though. For example, betas are sometimes provided to their paying customers and today the PS Blog has shared what the next beta access will be.


The game is of course God of War: Ascension. This is the fourth main game in the series, although there have been spin offs in between. It also happens to be the first game in the series to include multiplayer. As you might expect, that is where the beta comes in handy. Everyone subscribed to PS Plus will gain access to the multiplayer beta on January 8th.


However, some gamers have just gotten in today. This is due to the Rise of the Warrior Experience which had been going on. Players who were a part of the Sparta team have access to the beta right now. The losing team, Trojans, will be able to get in on December 16th.



Are you interested in God of War: Ascension?

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