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God of War: Ascension Bundle Comes with Red PS3

Marcus Estrada

Sony is hoping for massive success when God of War: Ascension launches. The SCEA-developed title has so far gotten priority attention with beta access on PSN as well as a social game earlier on. Now there is another big push by Sony to get people invested in the game (as well as the PS3 world). A new console bundle with the game is set to launch alongside Ascension to further promote the series.


This set is called the God of War: Ascension Legacy Bundle and it fairly nice as far as PS3 bundles are concerned. The box comes with a special "Garnet Red" PS3 Super Slim which has a 500 GB hard drive. Of course, Ascension is included, but so is a copy of God of War Saga. That game itself is a bundle of all five previous games in the series, including those PS3 ports of the PSP games. There will also be a 30-day PS Plus trial membership thrown in.


All of that put together makes this bundle $350 in stores. It might not be the most economic way to get a new PS3, but people who have never tried God of War and are certain they will adore the entire series may find this a neat package. The bundle will be out on March 12 alongside Ascension.

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