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God of War Goes Social with 'The Rise Of The Warrior'

John Kidman

New franchises routinely fall victim to the desire to create longevity by introducing multiplayer modes, but well executed innovation can be an excellent addition to fan favorites. God of War: Ascension will be the first game in the God of War franchise to introduce a multiplayer option. Warriors in this mode must pledge their allegiance to an iconic Greek god, each of which will grant the player special moves and bonuses. The Playstation Blog confirmed that Plus members can expect access to the multiplayer beta this winter; however, non-subscribers will also have an opportunity to earn their spot in the fight for favor amongst the gods.


The official God of War website will house an interactive social experiment for those hungering for the first taste of Ascension. The Rise of the Warrior is a story designed with the hallmarks of a graphic novel which chronicles your warrior's journey. Fans will choose to join the ranks of the Spartans or Trojans and complete social tasks in an effort to gain early beta access and 30-day trial of Playstation Plus. Participants can also earn other rewards like early unlocks and exclusive gear for the God of War: Ascension multiple player mode.


Will you be taking part in The Rise of the Warrior?

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