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Gravity Rush Reaches North America in June

Marcus Estrada

Gravity Rush is looking to be one of the more interesting PS Vita titles out there. Although there haven't been tons of pictures and videos released, it definitely looks like one stand out title for the Vita's launch window. Many gamers were jealous eyeing the title as until now there was no known date for English release.


If you were one of those people then now's the time to relax as Sony confirmed today it will be heading to North America and Europe too. It'll be hitting both stores and digital download on June 12th.


In Gravity Rush you play as a young woman named Kat who has the ability to control gravity. Gameplay is focused on exploring this beautiful and odd world and using your new found gravity powers to continue onward. The game is set to make use of the features of the Vita, such as the built in motion sensor.


Here's the newly-released trailer:



Does this look like a solid addition to the Vita lineup?

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