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IGN Accidentally Makes Playstation Plus Dirt Cheap


The usual going rate for a single month of Playstation Plus is between $4-$6. After the events that took place yesterday however, the price has dropped down to as low as one dollar a month. And there are plenty to find for sale.


What "events" am I referring to? Well, yesterday morning the well known gaming website IGN held a giveaway for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale beta keys. Every person who signed up for the giveaway was given two access codes.


The idea was that a person would share their second code with a friend, but people found out rather quickly that IGN wasn't actually giving out PSASBR codes. They were giving out Playstation Plus codes.


Did I also mention the fact that IGN had absolutely nothing set in place to stop people from getting more than two codes? Sure you had to make an account to get them, but there was no email activation. You could put jibberish into the signup page and still get accepted.




Well, the promotion is done for obvious reasons and people are looking to sell what they've got. Thanks to so many people exploiting the giveaway however, codes are virtually worthless and the market is flooded.


The best place to buy them right now are the cheapassgamer trading forums seeing as they were the origin of the giveaway posting. I've actually seen people selling a year's worth of codes for as little as ten dollars there.


Not everyone has caught up with the times so prices are still high in places, but it won't be long before they drop too. So if you're looking to buy, now is the time to act. One quick reminder though. Seeing as these are one month codes you'll need either a credit or debit card attached to your account to use them.


You can find the original giveaway thread and where you can buy codes below.


Where you can buy them

Original Giveaway Thread

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