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Industry insider says PSVR forced Sony to create PS4 Neo

Jason Clement

There's a lot that's still seemingly unknown about the PlayStation 4 Neo, but one common thread that most reports seem to point to is that the console's extra CPU and GPU capabilities are more in line with what is required for Virtual Reality devices such as the upcoming PlayStation VR.


According to Edge Magazine, an anonymous industry insider has come forward to say that PSVR is the exact reason PS4 Neo exists and that "PSVR was going to be terrible on a [launch] PS4." The source goes on to mention that the extra power of the PlayStation 4 Neo was necessary to deal with the "crazy requirements" for performance in VR.


However, International Business Times brings out that it isn't clear if the anonymous source's claims refer to the state of PSVR before the external processing unit it's bundled with was revealed. This is brought up because most who have experienced PSVR in demos seemed to have fairly good performance on what is thought to have been performed on launch PS4s.


An additional Edge source mentioned that there "hasn't been a real outcry for more power" among developers except for those making VR games.


The takeaway from all of this seems to be that VR is driving the console manufacturers to keep up with the more intense demands of VR games, which in turn may lead to even more hardware revisions in shortened timespans in the future like we're currently seeing with PS4 Neo and the rumored Xbox revision.


Source: EDGE Magazine (via International Business Times)


What are your thoughts on VR being the driving force behind the PlayStation 4 Neo? Are you more or less inclined to want one now?

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