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It's true, No Man's Sky has been delayed

Jason Clement

If you were looking forward to blasting off into space in June and exploring the galaxy without so much as a care in the world -- well, I've got bad news for you.


Hello Games' Sean Murray took to the PlayStation Blog today to let fans know that No Man's Sky has been delayed from its original June 21 release date. It'll now be releasing on August 9 in the US, August 10 in Europe, and August 12 in the UK.


Why the delay? Murray, undoubtedly feeling the pressure from fans to deliver something that lives up to the game's extraordinary hype, says they made the decision because some key moments needed extra polish to live up to the studio's standards, and that the few extra weeks would allow them to deliver something special.


Murray also brings to light the fact that the team that is making No Man's Sky is much smaller than your usual AAA game would have, such as Naughty Dog with Uncharted 4. He may have a point there; whereas the latter developer is listed as having between 201 and 500 employees on its Linkedin account, Hello Games is literally 15 people strong (whether or not this includes or omits contractors is uncertain).


At any rate, you can look forward to playing No Man's Sky later this Summer.


Source: PlayStation Blog


What are your thoughts on the delay? Are you disappointed, or does this free up more time for you in June?

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