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Joe Danger 2: The Movie Coming to PSN with Exclusive Content

Jason Clement

Fans of the original Joe Danger will be excited to know that Hello Games has announced via the Playstation Blog today that Joe Danger 2: The Movie will be arriving on PSN soon with a bevy of exclusive content.


The original Joe Danger starred the titular protagonist, who was a washed-up stuntman living in a caravan in the desert and performing stunts, but things have changed after he was discovered a director and brought to Hollywood. In Joe Danger: The Movie, he'll be performing stunts in the movie, scene by scene.


All of the level creation and sharing aspects from the first game will be returning in this new sequel, but even more exciting is the inclusion of global online level sharing. In addition, Hello Games has announced that they will be picking five of the best user-created levels every week and putting them on the front page.


Also, every level will be different from the last, whether it be a different location, gameplay mechanic, or vehicle, and the overall game size is said to be twice the size of the original. There will also be a "deleted scenes" section after you beat the game that will serve as extra challenges with increased difficulty for players. And of course, there will be ghosts of your friends to compete with as well. In all, the exclusive content is said to be over 10 hours long, and it'll be bundled with the main game so you'll have a lot to look forward to in terms of content.


No specific date has been set for Joe Danger 2: The Movie's release yet, but Hello Games says that it's coming "in the very near future."



Are you looking forward to Joe Danger: The Movie on PSN?

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