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Jump Magazine Reveals Final Fantasy X-2 as Separate on Vita

Marshall Henderson

The emotional roller coaster continues for Final Fantasy X HD, now that the Final Fantasy X-2 HD version has been more-or-less confirmed-ish by a leak from the Japanese magazine Jump.


Unfortunately, it comes in a double-edged sword for some, considering that the PlayStation 3 version comes with both, whereas they are sold separately on the Vita. So let that sink into whatever pit of something you have in your heart.


This probably shocks no one who was part of that exciting TGS roller coaster where Square Enix announced that a beloved Final Fantasy was being brought to modern consoles. Everyone was looking forward to a console-defining JRPG starring a blonde hero with feelings of social displacement to be remade, and Square Enix delivered with an HD remastering of Final Fantasy X HD's announcement.


Rumors were all floating around the internet, namely the Japanese message boards, for Final Fantasy X-2 HD but this is our first sort-of confirmation.


The Jump article also seems to imply that we (or at least Japan) will be seeing this HD collection-or-not-depending-on-your-console some time later this year.

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