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Magical Beat Brings Puzzle/Rhythm Gameplay to Vita Today

Jason Clement

There have been plenty of genre fusions over the years, but puzzle and rhythm games seem to be a new one to me. Thus is the premise behind Arc System Work's Magical Beat which arrives for the PS Vita as a digital download today.


The game presents you with a "match-3" style gameplay, but with a twist—dropping blocks with perfect timing to the music's beat will send them to your opponent's side of the screen. In addition, there are many different combo possibilities as well as other unique challenges.


Last but not least, it features an original Vocaloid soundtrack by Nico Nico celebrity Kikuo and planned DLC for the title features cameos and tunes from Arc System Work's other titles, like XBlaze: Code Embryo, Blazblue, and Guilty Gear.


Magical Beat will be available for download on PS Vita for $9.99 when the PlayStation Store updates later today.


Source: Press Release


Are you interested in Magical Beat's puzzle/rhythm gameplay?

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