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Natsume Set to Bring Mystic Chronicles to PSP in US

Marcus Estrada

Despite the PSP getting along in age, companies are seemingly pampering the system more. Between a handful of PSP games announced so far this year Natsume is bringing their own to the table. RPG Mystic Chronicles has been announced for a PSP launch later this year.


Amazingly, this is not Natsume's only upcoming PSP game. Mystic Chronicles is second to Carnage Heart EXA which Nastume grabbed late last year. So, let's explain more about their latest announced title. The game actually already exists on the iOS marketplace but most gamers would probably rather play it on a Sony or Nintendo handheld.


The game has turn based fights as are the standard for JRPGs. Alongside top down pixel graphics, Mystic Chronicles is definitely trying to appeal to fans of retro RPGs. Natsume currently has the release set for Summer 2013.

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