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Naughty Dog Almost Made Jak and Daxter 4

Jason Clement

Yep, instead of the game we now know as The Last of Us, Naughty Dog was just about to make the next Jak and Daxter game. So just what happened that caused them to reverse course and decide to go with a post-apocalyptic game like The Last of Us instead?


As you may know, Naughty Dog's dev team split into two after Uncharted 2 was finished, and the team that wasn't going to be working on Uncharted 3 was slated to develop the next Jak and Daxter.


The problem came when they discovered their new ideas strayed too far from the aspects that made Jak and Daxter what it was. Creative director Neil Druckmann mentioned in an interview with Game Informer how they have tons of folders filled with scrapped ideas because of this.


Studio co-founder Evan Wells had a few things to add as well, saying:


"Even though we wanted to give fans another Jak and Daxter, we felt we weren't going to give them the game that they wanted, and that we would end up either limiting the direction that the company had this passion for while simultaneously not creating the game that fans wanted. We just realized we were going to just do everybody a disservice."


However, Wells didn't rule out the possibility of seeing Jak and Daxter again in the future, saying that it's possible that the dev team that worked on Uncharted 3 could work on it; however, he seems to think they would run into the same problems and issues that Druckmann's team ran into, so it might be a while before Naughty Dog works on the series once more.


The good news is that you won't have to wait long for your Jak and Daxter fix because the Jak and Daxter Collection (which collects and sees the first three games in the series remastered in HD) releases in stores tomorrow.


Source: Game Informer

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