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New Game Genie's Features And Limitations Officially Listed


For those of you who are curious about the impending release of the new Game Genie, this news is for you. A recent site update on the Hyperkin website (the people behind the new Game Genie) has revealed some of the things the Game Genie is capable of, and some of the restrictions that have been set in place.


While the FAQ doesn't completely cover every question people have asked about this new cheat device, it covers some of the most important ones. First of all, some trophies will be locked out to the cheating player due to the fact the cheats jump over certain in game requirements. But that doesn't mean you can't earn any trophies.


The program that adds the cheats to your saves will create a back up copy of your original save in case you ever want to go back and start playing the game regularly again. Also, trophies aren't completely locked out while cheating. As long as the cheat doesn't skip over a certain requirement, then you're still free to unlock them like normal.


The cheats themselves aren't supposed to carry over to the online portion of your games, but the FAQ does state that it could be possible, and that they'll be working to delete any cheats that are found to work online to try to keep gameplay fair for everyone.


The Game Genie will be releasing this July at $29.99. Games confirmed to work at the moment are Final Fantasy XIII-2, Uncharted 3, God of War 3, Skyrim, Twisted Metal, and Batman: Arkham City. You can read the full FAQ below, and even watch a nifty trailer on their site!



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