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New Trailer Shows a Little of PSP Sword Art Online Game

Marshall Henderson

Apparently the best way to get a library on the PSP is to release another Sony handheld, or so one might believe, seeing the latest trailer for Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment.


This trailer shows off a small amount of gameplay, as action-y as it is, as well as Kirito, the main character, dual-wielding swords and stuff, which is apparently his superpower in the anime upon which the game is based. If nothing else, Sword Art Online looks pretty, which seems to hold up in the trailer for the game.


This is Japan-only for now, obviously, but Aniplex of America has licensed the anime, so if it gets popular enough here, we might see at least a digital release of Infinity Moment. I mean, look how many Naruto games are floating around.


If the PSP title is anything like the anime, it will probably start off really good, but then lose traction fast when the world itself isn't the centerpiece, then probably end up offending a lot of people.



Japan will know for sure on March 14th, 2013, with both UMD version and digital being 6280 yen, or about $72, with the special edition being 9,980, or around $114.

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