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Persona 4 Golden Trailer Showcases New Features

Marcus Estrada

Although Persona 4 fans are probably already well aware of the changes to the Vita version, Atlus has today released a trailer showcasing them off. It's nice to see all the variety of changes in one go to get a feel for what makes the game worth purchasing again (or for the first time for new fans).


Additions to the game include a new Social Link character, named Marie, new battle music, new attacks and personas, ability to explore Okina, new scenes and the like. While some additions aren't necessarily game-changing, they may make the package more appealing over the PS2 release which arrived back in 2008. Persona 4 Golden will be out on November 20th for $40.


Here's the video showing off new features:



Are you interested in picking up Persona 4 Golden?

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