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Persona 5 - New Trailer, Summer 2016 Release Window

Jonathan Higgins

It“s officially official: Persona 5 has a (new) release window of Summer 2016 in Japan, according to a new trailer. ATLUS USA have consistently stated the game would be released this year, but it looks like that“s no longer the case.


Here's the official word from ATLUS USA. Here“s a look at the trailer that broke the news, in its high-quality glory.



ATLUS are currently streaming a humongous two day Persona event. It“s all going to lead up to the “Persona Stalker Club” event. I suppose there“s not much more to it than that. Remember, Persona 5 is coming to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Here are official websites in both Japanese and English.


How do you feel about the delay of Persona 5? Are you looking forward to the game“s release?

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