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PlayStation 4 Interface Screenshots

Marcus Estrada

During the recent PlayStation Meeting, Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4. They showed the controller, interface, and a few games. While things like the console shell aren't finalized, Sony at least seems confident that their interface is smooth enough to share with gaming press. They have released high quality screenshots of them, which are now being shared with you!


These pictures display what people realized during the conference. Sony is completely ditching their established XcrossMediaBar (XMB). XMB was initially used on the PSX (not PS1, but Sony's DVR/console). Western PS fans have grown comfortable with XMB on PSP and PS3. Of course, the Vita uses its own original touch-based interface.


Sony's shots help emphaize their interest in social aspects of the PS4. There are also a couple visuals which display what it may look like on a smartphone or tablet. Remember though that the interface is subject to change and may not look just like this when PS4 launches during the holidays.



How do you think the interface looks?



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