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PlayStation introducing Totaku, its own line of character figures

Jason Clement

Nearly three and a half years after the debut of Nintendo's own Amiibo line, PlayStation has decided to get into the figure-selling business as well with a new line they're calling 'Totaku'.


However, this time they're just that: collectible figures. There's no special NFC capability and interactivity with games.


ThinkGeek is set to produce the Totaku line with seven figures initially, including the following:


  • Bloodborne's hunter
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Parappa the Rapper
  • Kratos (from God of War)
  • The Feisar FX350 racing ship from Wipeout
  • Sackboy (from LittleBigPlanet)
  • Heihachi (from the Tekken series)


They'll be sold exclusively at GameStop starting March 23, 2018.


What are your thoughts on PlayStation's Totaku line? Will you be buying any of them?

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No Ratchet & Clank in the initial lineup? NO DEAL, SONY.


(okay, I do want the Crash one, as much as it pains me to have to go to Gamestahp to buy it...like, store exclusivity is the ONE thing they could have NOT copied from amiibo)

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I'm a bit more happy to see them using Bloodborne as an opening lineup, like, I didn't expect that at all. Figures look awesome, honestly, but sadly I'm not much a collector of things like these! Let's hope for more and more cool junk though! I'm sure we'll see God of War, Ratchet and Clank, and probably Final Fantasy related stuff at some point honestly.

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If you order them online and want more than one of them, Gamestop is charging the minimum of $5.99 for shipping for each Totaku you have in your cart. 

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