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PlayStation: The Official Magazine Coming to an End

Marcus Estrada

Back in August, Future Publishing shared the news that Nintendo Power magazine would no longer be published. Nostalgic fans as well as current subscribers were saddened, but accepted it. This wasn't the only magazine that Future needed to close though, and today GameInformer learned that PlayStation: The Official Magazine is next on the chopping block.


Although little else has been said, we do know that the final issue will be arriving this holiday on magazine racks. It may not have been the most-loved Sony magazine out there, but it did offer demo discs for many years. Back in 2007, the magazine was set to close under Ziff Davis but Future purchased and saved the name. Unfortunately, it's unlikely that someone else will save it again.


With both Nintendo Power and now PlayStation: The Official Magazine ending will you miss them? In this age we certainly have little need for magazines, but they are beneficial in some ways. Are you currently subscribed to any gaming magazines or do you simply get all your news on the internet?

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