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PlayStation Vitas Have Been Overheating; Japanese Agency Looking Into It

Jordan Haygood

Based on sales figures, you might say that the PlayStation Vita ain't doing so hot. But you'd be wrong. Apparently, some Vita owners are having problems with their systems overheating. And it seems that this issue is pretty serious, because the Japanese government has sanctioned an independent agency to look into it. According to Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, the inquiry is being conducted by Japan's National Institute of Technology and Evaluation.


Only 31 reports have been made for this problem, though, which is a pretty small number, but that seems to be enough times for Japan's own government to sanction an agency to the matter. 23 of these 31 reports all happened in Japan alone, while the other eight were within North America, the UK, and Australia. None of the 31 incidents have turned up any injuries, though.


The problem supposedly happens when users set their Vitas to charge. According to a detailed listing of incidents Sony sent to the National Insistute of Technology and Evaluation, the problem appears to derive from the connection slot between the Vita and the charger, which was reported to burn while charging.


Does this mean Sony is about to recall all Vitas? Well, no. According to Yomiuri Shimbun, Sony doesn't think the Vita is to blame, but rather, "the problem is with people having liquids or other objects inserted into the connection.â€


What are your thoughts on this matter?

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