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PS4 Video Answers 10 Questions About Upcoming System

Marcus Estrada

Ever since the reveal of the PlayStation 4 we have been bursting with questions about the system. Although some have been answered, there are always more popping up. Today

posted a video answering 10 fairly popular questions about the system. In case you can't watch the video yourself, or just don't care to spend the time, here are some of the facts that weren't already common knowledge.


PS4 will have party chat and that won't be restricted to paying accounts. This is of course one feature that PS3 owners have been begging for and never received. Friends lists will also see a jump from 100 users to 2,000. Why you would need that many friends is unclear but the option is there.


We already knew that the PS4 will require a fee to play online games, but not all of them. Free to play titles can be accessed by all players. The same is true of services such as Netflix, thankfully. F2P games are free primarily because of their various in-game transactions.


The rest of the detail focuses on things many of us already know such as the ability to switch the hard drive out in PS4 or that PS3 controllers don't work on the system. In any case, here's the video if you want to check it out:


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