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Raiden Announced as the Next Character in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Jason Clement

Only yesterday we were told that Evil Cole McGrath would be joining the roster in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, and already Superbot has announced another: Raiden (from the Metal Gear Solid series).


Raiden's appearance makes him the 18th character announced so far, and judging from his gameplay video, he looks to heavily based in close range combat with his sword. And as a side note, the Uncharted 3 level that's shown off in his trailer shows that it's also mixed with Bioshock Infinite elements, from the blimp in the background to the Songbird flying directly behind the fighting ground.


IGN also reminded that if the leaked list of characters about a month back or so is 100% accurate, there may only be two more characters to be announced: Heavenly Sword“s Nariko and MediEvil“s Sir Daniel Fortesque. Time will tell if they'll be in the game, but so far the evidence has backed this theory up. Perhaps Superbot will throw us a curveball with a surprise Crash Bandicoot reveal sometime before release?


What do you think of Raiden's reveal in the game?


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