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Rumor: PlayStation 4 Neo reveal event planned for early September

Jason Clement

We've been hearing about the PlayStation 4 Neo for quite a while now, even as far as Sony acknowledging its existence but noting that it would not be at this year's E3, but so far we've heard nothing official.


However, Vice Gaming is reporting that French gaming website Gameblog and their own sources have stated that an event is being planned on September 7 in New York that will finally pull back the curtain on the upgraded PS4. One of their sources have mentioned that the event will be a "technical showcase" but that, as of a few weeks ago, Sony was still determining exactly what would be shown.


With just under a month to go, it looks like we'll finally get the lowdown on everything regarding the PS4 Neo soon, including its final name. Is it just an upgraded PS4, or something more? We'll find out soon.


Source: Gameblog (via Vice Gaming)


Are you excited to hear more about the PS4 Neo?

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