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Rumor: Updated Vita Coming?

Marcus Estrada

Is it possible that a new PlayStation Vita could be coming? Certainly, considering how Sony previously released a handful of redesigns over the PSP's life. Is one coming soon, though? If Sony patenting a Vita design a few days ago is any indicator, then maybe.


According to PatentBolt, Sony filed their patent on February 7th. What it shows is a very similar looking system with different ports on it. This is where things get a little tricky. The image in the patent drawing looks to be the same as devkit systems. So is it just an elaborate ruse? It could be, but that doesn't quite explain why Sony would file a parent recently for it.


If you choose to believe this information, then let's discuss the new ports. Shown are ports for HDMI, new USB, and a new power supply one. Alongside this rumor, others have compounded it by stating that "sources" have said this is to be the February 20th announcement. This supposed new system would come with 4G (as opposed to 3G), firmware update, and announced in conjunction with a lowered price tier for memory cards.



Do you have any faith in these rumors? When do you think Sony will redesign their Vita if not soon?

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