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Say Goodbye to PS2 as Production is Discontinued Worldwide

Marcus Estrada

It wasn't that long ago that the word came out about PlayStation 2 system production ending in Japan. Now we are hearing that Sony has let it be known that this is continuing to all markets. Production of PS2s is now ceased wherever you live. It has certainly been a long run.


Why now? It's easy to see why, just look at all Snoy has had available at the same time. PSPs, Vitas, and PS3s are all still rolling off production lines. As many suspect that Sony will soon announce a PS4, they will definitely need the funds to start producing those too. Of all their products, PS2 was the oldest and had mostly reached the end of its long lifespan.


The PS2 leaves behind a great legacy. It was the highest-selling console of all time until very recently (falling to the similarly popular DS). Over the years, the system had more than 10,000 games for each main region (North America, Europe, Japan). Many games were released between each, but there were also a great deal of exclusives per region. Overall, the PS2 had a great run and surpassed its 10 year lifespan.

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