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Servers for White Knight Chronicles I and II Shutting Down

Marcus Estrada

While Knight Chronicles first hit western PS3's in 2010. Then the sequel came a year later and even included a copy of first game as well. Despite a small fandom, the RPG series still subsisted and maintained an online multiplayer community. As with other games that use an external server, the servers are finally being shut down.


On June 18th SCEA is set to turn them off for both games, meaning all multiplayer features are to henceforth be inaccessible Of course, single player play will still work, but without any online integration. The same is true of the sequel, although that announcement came straight from D3 Publisher instead of Sony.


Fans of both games should go and put in time with co-op missions before the servers are gone for good. Every so often, gamers can make enough fuss about a game to keep the servers alive longer (like Demon's Souls) but that is unlikely to be the case here.



Did you play White Knight Chronicles I or II?

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