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Shuhei Yoshida Discusses Future of Console Gaming

Dominic Dimanche

Sony's president of development Shuhei Yoshida states that there is still a future in console gaming Games Industry reports.


Many critics and commentators have been foretelling the demise of console gaming in light of the fall of major gaming studios like THQ and the onset of mobile gaming and free-to-play. However, Yoshida remains confident that the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 still have plenty of life left in them:


"It's not the decline of consoles, it's the decline of a generation...This generation has been the longest on the PS3 and the Xbox, it's the seventh year. In older times we would have launched a new system already. Really, developers hit the limits after a couple of games on the same system, typically.


There are a few developers like Naughty Dog or Quantic Dream who are doing more, but that's kind of the exception. After you see the sequels to the same three games people feel like they've seen everything before. That's natural, but that's nothing like the end of the consoles."


What has caused the stagnation in systems has been the fact that they have lasted far longer than any other previous generation. The PS3 and Xbox 360 have been going on for the last seven year, if this was the past generation we would have already moved on to another by now.


Shuhei goes on to say they plan to have a ten year life-span projection for the PlayStation 4, using the increased 8 GB or RAM and faster more up to date software updates over the PlayStation Network.


"It will be the same with the PlayStation 4," Yoshida said. "We are launching this holiday but we already have plans on the roadmap for additional features and improvements on the services side which will constantly evolve with time."


Through this constant innovation and wider array of resources, Shuhei claims that the PlayStation 4 will retain its place as a premier home console and entertainment system.

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